ProPublica Disapproves The Appointment Of Cissna

European countries had a pretty unpleasant experience with George Soros, and the billionaire is now trying to get even more involved in foreign policy. We remember him as the person who fueled the anti-Trump protests that broke out right after the 2016 presidential elections. Soros is the worst thing that has ever happened to mankind, and President Donald Trump is ready to do whatever it takes, and keep him away from our country.

Hillary Clinton received millions from George Soros, and her ultimate goal was advancing his liberal and globalist agendas. Well, we all knew that Hillary fancies spending time with Soros-like people. Many Americans would agree that Soros financed the violent riots in November and December. We all remember the “mobilization” Soros’ organizations initiated. His people were literally encouraging people to go out in the streets and cause chaos.

This time President Trump send a huge message to one of the organizations backed by Soros. Our leader appointed Lee Francis Cissna to lead the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. ProPublica didn’t like this at all. It went against the President, and trashed him for enforcing immigration laws. Their problem is the appointment of Cissna, because of his experience in immigration policy.

ProPublica also disapproves the President’s order that demands Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents to do their job. This happened right after Matthey Albanese, the head of Enforcement and Removal Operations division sent his memo to 5,700 employees, requiring that they deport illegal immigrants. “Effective immediately, ERO officers will take enforcement action against all removable aliens encountered in the course of their duties,” read his memo.

Soros is doing his best to get inside foreign economies, and undermine them in the worst way possible. Remember his role in the Bank of England in 1992? He generated over £1.5 billion. Now Soros is trying to do the same thing in our country, but President Trump won’t let him proceed with his vicious plans.

What do you think about the appointment of Cissna? Do you think George Soros will try to stop it? Do you support President Donald Trump and his decision to deal with the billionaire?

(h/t The Washington Times, The White House)