Trey Gowdy Talks About DNC

Conservatives have been fighting back against liberal hate for months now. Ever since Donald Trump was elected president, all the liberals have been able to do is attack Trump and his administration for anything and everything they can find. It is starting to get on the nerves of millions around the country and it is about time. The lies that they are giving out is slander against the president of the United States. If he were a normal citizen he could sue. But unfortunately, he is not.

Trey Gowdy has been one of conservatives to fight back against the claims that liberals love to exploit. The worst part about it all is the fact that the left are the real criminals. Just look at what the Obama administration did while they were in office. They turned the United States into a joke around the world. Gowdy recently went onto Fox News to talk about the Trump administration and what they are doing to help the country come back from the last 8 years.

Gowdy explains what the liberals are trying to do. You see, they do not want anyone to see the truth about the Trump administration so they make up lies that will distract the people from what is really going on. The thing that they are currently on would be that of the Russia investigation. They are yet to give that up and have been fighting with conservatives about it ever since January.

“Let me hazard a wild guess: that there may be something else on that server that they did not want law enforcement to see? Gowdy asked. Obviously this just goes to prove that the Democrats are up to something big.

“I do not know what her point was, although I think I do know what her objective was,” he said, talking about former Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

The liberals have been trying to impeach Trump ever since he took office and something needs to happen that will put this to an end. There is no excuse for what they are doing right now.

(h/t Fox News)