The View Continues Liberal Tirade

The View has been very unfair to President Trump, his administration and his family. They have continually done just about everything they could to attack and destroy him for good. Luckily, very few people actually listen to what they have to say as it is simply too far-fetched. For those of you that are thinking that maybe they should stop if they want better ratings for their dying show, you are not alone. But we have to be honest with ourselves, that is never going to happen. They have made it their goal to get Trump impeached for something, anything he does. They do not report or talk about the truth. In fact, they are a show that regularly makes stuff up for more viewers.

Recently, however, host Jedediah Bila suggested that there is a liberal bias on college campuses. The liberal hosts that followed exploded on her, trying to make it seem like she was the crazy one. Bila, being the only conservative on the panel, tried to make her case but they simply would not listen. “Is it that college is the issue? Or is the question should everybody go to college?” Whoopi Goldberg asks the hosts.

The hosts are obviously oblivious as to what is going on around them. They pay no attention to the average American as if they did, we would not be talking about this subject right now. For some reason, liberals like The View feel the need to attack conservatives for their beliefs, instead of having real conversations about what the issues are. Instead they will run and run and call us names. Why is that? It has gotten much worse since Donald Trump became President of the United States.

Maybe it is because they feel threatened by the administration after 8 years of Barack Obama. Obama did not care what liberals did and let their behavior go unpunished for years and years. That could be the start of the problem. Hosts on a national television show should know better about what is going on around them. If they did, they would know that liberals have taken over American colleges over the past decade and a half.

(h/t Newsbusters)