Warren Calls For Greater Resistance Against President Trump

President Donald Trump accepted a huge challenge at the time he decided to run for president. This was probably the greatest change in his life, and Americans knew that he would use his experience to make America great again. Although the President had a magnificent campaign, Democrats were convinced that Hillary Clinton would win. We already know the outcome of the elections, and Hillary is still whining over her loss. Elizabeth Warren decided to open her big mouth, and support her failing friend.

In the last few months, President Trump did much more than Barack Obama ever did during his time in office. The former president was never interested in the well-being of American voters. He was craving for power, but luckily, he is out of the game now. The right candidate won the elections, and restored people’s faith in politics. We lived in a society threatened by corruption and criminal. We even had a criminal running for president.

Democrats are still trying to get President Trump impeached. President Trump makes a new great move every day, and his Democrat “friends” are here to spoil it all. The G20 summit in Germany was the perfect opportunity for the anti-Trumps to employ their vicious plans.

Democrats used it to create chaos. Senator Elizabeth Warren is hoping for re-election in 2018. She had a pretty interesting discussion at the Robert Boland Theater in Berkshire Community College’s Koussevitzky Arts Center in Pittsburgh, Massachusetts. Guess what happened next…

Warren called for a “greater resistance and political warfare” against President Trump and his administration.  “The point is that we must persist. People say to me, ‘Oh, but it’s tiring’ and ‘we’ve done this for six months’ — well yeah, nobody said that a fight was easy…you’ve got to fight because it’s the fight that’s important. Keep in mind that right behind Trump is another Republican who does not share our values. You get to fight because it’s the fight that matters,” said Senator Warren.

What do you think about Warren’s discussion? Do you think President Trump will react to it? How will Republicans interpret it?

(h/t The Berkshire Eagle, Forbes)