Chelsea Clinton Faces Major Lawsuit

If you thought that the Clintons will disappear from public’s eye for good, now is the perfect time to think again. This time sources say that Chelsea Clinton is hit by a major lawsuit filed by an author who blames her for ripping his children’s book idea.

Christopher Kimberly believes that Chelsea actually stole his initial idea, and we have every reason to believe that this story is true. Many would agree that Chelsea Clinton is the most untalented person in our country, and doing something like this looks like her.

Kimberly is suing Chelsea and her publisher over the book “She Persisted.” It’s a feminist children’s book in which Hillary’s daughter wrote about thirteen notable women from US history, including stories about their contribution to society.

The author believes that Chelsea actually used his material to write her own book. He had been collecting the information in order to write a similar book, and sent it to Penguin Random House. Yes, you’re guessing it right. It happens to be Chelsea’s publisher. Kimberley never received a response, and claims that his idea ended up in Chelsea’s hands.

Chelsea will have to pay $150,000 and give away the profits from her best seller. Kimberley’s three-volume illustrated book is called “A Heart is the Part That Makes Boys and Girls Smart,” and he wrote it in 2013. The book contains 15 quotes and stories, including the one of Helen Keller, Harriet Tubman, and Nellie Bly. Chelsea’s “She Persisted” has 13 stories, including quotes from these three women.

The author claims to have sent off his book proposal to Penguin Random House, but the publisher didn’t respond to his message. According to him, the Penguin Young Readers US, Jennifer Loja read the proposal, and suggested that Chelsea uses his idea.

We don’t have more details about the case, but there is something shady in the whole story. There is something strange in Chelsea’s story, that’s a sure bet.

What do you think about this case? Do you think Chelsea used Kimberly’s idea to write her book? How will the whole thing end? Will Kimberly win the case?

(h/t Daily Mail)