Chelsea Clinton Fighting Trump On Twitter

Liberals have been picking a fight with President Trump on any grounds they can find. But recently, they have been finding themselves running out of attacks that they can use against him. Instead of trying to work towards a common goal for the people, liberals have been trying to destroy President Trump for just about anything. They disagree with him, therefore, he is wrong. That is the mindset that many people on the left have when it comes to politics.

That is where Chelsea Clinton comes into play. She has been a thorn in the side of President Trump and his administration ever since he was elected. She has taken every opportunity to attack him for everything he does. That is one of the problems that we have as a nation. We need to come to a solution on how to fix this quickly.

Chelsea Clinton and her unemployed husband were seen strolling around New York recently as they take a vacation from all of the “work” they are doing. It must be nice to have a vacation from a vacation. Most Americans do not have a luxury like that when it comes to working. But that is what the liberals want most out of life. To do nothing in peace and get it for free.

That is when Chelsea Clinton decided to attack President Trump on Twitter personally for his G20 meetings. As we have seen, liberals did not like the fact that President Trump let his daughter, Ivanka, sit in for him while he was attending other meetings. They have been attacking him for it, saying things like “who really runs this country?” One thing should be clear: Donald Trump is in charge no matter who says otherwise.

People on Twitter defended Trump, saying that Chelsea Clinton shouldn’t be trusted to do anything like this if it was her mother in office. That is the double standard when it comes to liberals. They think that they can have everything handed to them for free. Conservatives should be very happy to have a president that connects with them on a better level.

(h/t Daily Mail)