Cher Threatens To Move To Canada

President Trump has been doing an amazing job so far. His time in office has been plagued with horrible attacks from the left and their media. Sources like CNN and MSNBC have been attacking him for anything he does and they are starting to get old. Why is everything that the liberals do completely ignored by everyone? Whenever something happens to conservatives it is blown completely out of the water. Every single media outlet is on it for the next few weeks. He has had to deal with this kind of behavior ever since he was elected and it has to stop.

We can all remember that liberals threatened to leave the country whenever Trump won the presidency. The reason they did this is because they did not think that he would ever win. Yet, they were proved wrong once again like they so often are. There are so many problems in the way liberals do things because they do not think things through. Hollywood has been against Trump since the beginning. We have seen this in a big way so many times. Now we are seeing it again.

As it turns out, one liberal elite might actually keep her promise to move to Canada after Trump shocked the world by winning the election in a landslide victory. Cher has come on again and again saying that everything Trump does is horrible for the country. Well, it might be about time for her to move on because it looks like she could be going to Canada. Hopefully for good this time.

The United States needs to see more and more of these liberals liberals leave the country because they are doing nothing of value. She has been complaining about Trump and his decision to repeal Obamacare and everything in it. According to her, his would mean that she would lose all of her asthma coverage, which is totally false. This is yet another way for her to attack the Trump administration for doing nothing wrong.

Hollywood elites need to stick to making movies and let the politicians write the laws.

(h/t Twitter)