More Details Emerging On Russian Lawyer

There has been a lot of talk about the Russian lawyer that met with President Donald Trump’s son, Donald Trump Jr. in the past few days. Liberals have been trying to turn this into something much bigger than it actually is, as per usual. The first to break this story was New York Times, who have been trying to take Trump down ever since he was elected. But we have been learning more and more details on Natalia Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer who tried to expose Hillary Clinton. Liberals are mad that someone had dirt on Clinton and they are trying to fight back.

Donald Trump Jr. has been attacked for just about anything. Liberals refuse to even pay attention to the actual facts, which are very important under these circumstances. Now some of the GOP officials have turned their attention to this case which looks very interesting from the outside. Republican Senator Chuck Grassley, chairman of the United States Senate Judiciary Committee has now sent a letter to John Kelly asking how she could even get into the United States.

Her visa had expired and she was denied an extension. Therefore, she should not have even been able to get into the country without some major help from somebody. Now the question we need to be looking at is who is responsible for this as her getting to the United States is the start of it all. Donald Trump Jr. is not the sole person involved in this case. There are many different moving pieces here.

Liberals are currently trying to find out how they can make this all about President Donald Trump. They want to use this against him to attempt to get him impeached. But they will fail, just like they always do. Democrats are going to open a probe into whether Donald Trump Jr. broke election law by meeting with this lawyer. The only reason anybody is talking about this is because she is from Russia. Otherwise this would be a nothing story.

Are you guys tired of seeing liberals always blowing everything out of proportion?

(h/t Reuters)