Fans Want Shep Smith Out Of Fox News

President Donald Trump has had many problems lately, and the mainstream media was his biggest concern. Liberal reporters trashed President Trump in every way possible. Americans gave him a chance to prove that he has the power to make America great again. President Trump was on good way of proving it, but Democrats were here to block him.

Shep Smith is one of the loudest anti-Trump hosts. He was criticizing President Trump in every way possible. Americans are well aware of his criticism against President Trump, and this time the host crossed the red line.

Smith attacked the President’s son, Donald Trump Jr. Well, let’s be honest, Donald got himself in a big trouble after meeting with the Russian lawyer. Democrats claimed that he was trying to put a black dot on Hillary’s campaign, and learn more about her dirty deals. But, this wasn’t true, because the lawyer had nothing to do with the Russian government at the time. Hillary was the one who met with a Chinese ambassador. To make things even worse, the ambassador worked for Russia.

The President’s son was just trying to assure everyone that he has nothing to hide. However, Shep Smith put a little makeup on it, and twisted the truth.

“His transparency came minutes before he had been made aware that The New York Times would be publishing the same e-mails this released, is that correct? So transparency is something that normally happens prior to learning that somebody else is about to document dump you. Normally that word wouldn’t be used in this circumstance. Each change in explanation happened after the New York Times brought out more of this information. Their story changes happen every time the Times brings out more relevant information,” Smith said.

Twitter exploded.

What do you think about this story? Do you think Shep Smith should be fired?

(h/t Mediaite)