WikiLeaks: Hillary Met With Russian-Related Ambassador

President Donald Trump is treated unfairly due to the alleged friendship with Russia. Democrats believe that the Russian government helped President Trump to win the 2016 presidential elections. Obama and his friends were trying to accuse President Trump of treason. But, WikiLeaks just dropped a massive bomb.

President Trump didn’t do business with Russia. Hillary Clinton was the one who met with Russians. Secretly. The meeting happened at the very beginning of the election season.

This “private, off the record” meeting shocked everyone, and Clinton met with “Chinese ambassador Cui.” So, Democrats were trying to blame Donald Trump Jr. for meeting with a Russian lawyer who had nothing to do with the Russian government at the time. It turns out that Clinton met with the Chinese ambassador who was working for the Russians. In other words, Donald Jr. isn’t the traitor here.

“Ambassador Cui Tiankai would like to have a meeting with Mr. Podesta at his earliest convenience. We don’t know if he has a scheduler now, so could you please help us convey this meeting request? Amb. Cui would like to talk about the China-U.S. relations and other issues of mutual interest,” reads one of the emails related to this meeting.

In the second email, Kurt Campbell writes about the invitation he received from the Chinese ambassador Cui. According to this email, the ambassador wanted an “informal, private, off the record” meeting. “The current state of US-China affairs” was supposed to be the main subject of the meeting.

We knew that Hillary Clinton was up to something, but we never thought that she’d do anything like this. Doing business with Russia behind everyone’s back is something we call “treason.” What would have happened if WikiLeaks didn’t leak these emails? There is something wrong with the whole Russian thing, and we hope that truth will emerge.

What do you think about these emails? Do you think WikiLeaks will release more information? Is Hillary Clinton hiding something else? What was her closest ally during the presidential campaign?

(h/t WikiLeaks)