Joe Scarborough Leaving The GOP

President Donald Trump has suffered through a lot of hate recently. It seems like everywhere we go there is a liberal that is trying to destroy him and his administration. Even his family is not out of harms way. Things are getting so bad that the liberal media has started lying straight to the faces of Americans about what is really going on. That is where we are as a nation right now and something has to be done. The GOP is currently at a stand still and it seems like some want to see President Trump succeed while others want to see him fail. This cannot happen if we want to get things done as a party. Trump has tried to make it easy for us but it is turning out to be harder that we thought.

The mainstream media has been getting worse and worse about reporting the truth. Now it seems like they will report on just about anything that could be seen as a negative for Trump and his administration. They do not even care to look at the facts because they know that their liberal audience will eat it up. The hate that is around the country right now is frightening. We need to get together and come out with some real solutions on how this can be fixed in a relatively quick fashion.

But we might be better of after one member of the GOP announced that he would be leaving starting today. MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough announced that he would be leaving the Republican party to become an independent. This does not come as a surprise to people who pay attention to what is going on around them. MSNBC has been one of the worst media outlets for President Trump. Everything they report on is attacking him and his administration.

We are better off without him. Now he can go along attacking Trump without feeling guilty. This might be a publicity stunt for all we know. MSNBC is willing to do anything to get their dying ratings up.

Are you glad to see him go?

(h/t Twitter)