Melania Trump Seen In New York

Melania Trump is doing a wonderful job for this country and has been working hard for all Americans. And the country’s citizens are starting to take notice. There have been many times when she has surprised Americans around the country by doing such a fantastic job. But that has not stopped liberals from attacking her for anything she does. It seems like maybe the First Lady of the United States could get some respect. But liberals do not care about the people they attack, they only want to bring them down. It is a very sad situation to see right now. Melania learned that first hand when she was traveling in New York City.

The first couple has a trip to France today to meet with their leaders and talk about the things that are currently pressing our nations. As it so happens. France will be celebrating their Independence Day on July 14th so he will be here just in time. This is one meeting in a long list of meetings between the two nations. Unfortunately this has brought in a whole new bout of anger towards the Trump administration and family.

Melania was in New York to visit her apartment there to pick up a few things before she goes to France. While she was there she and her family were being attacked by liberals over Donald Trump Jr’s. emails between him and a Russian lawyer. This has been all over the news as of late because it has to do with Donald Trump. There are no reasons for these attacks and they accomplish nothing. It is only a way for liberals to feel like they are doing something good with a conservative leader.

President Trump has been doing an amazing job so far, accomplishing many of the things that he wanted to do. The media has also been completely unfair to him and his administration. There is something about the way they do business that is extremely fishy. It seems like they are being told what to say by someone higher up.

What do you think of the attacks?

(h/t Daily Mail)