Phil Mudd Threatens Trey Gowdy

Trey Gowdy has made a name for himself doing exactly what people expect him to do: Work for the American people. He has been very successful in the fact that he has worked towards freeing President Trump and his administration from the grip of the liberals. We have watched from front row seats the liberals try to disrupt the administration in anyway they can. It seems like they will never stop, even if they no longer have anything to attack him with. The liberal media has been going whatever they can to make him look bad on every level. One of the worst has been CNN. They continually post false stories that are in no way based in the truth.

But the media network truly outdid themselves with this latest fiasco. Trey Gowdy is beloved by conservatives all over the country. That means he has a pretty good following of people. That made it even worse for CNN when one of their hosts attacked Gowdy on live television. Phil Mudd, a former CIA official and CNN host came out swinging against the Representative from South Carolina.

“Trey Gowdy should have his ass kicked. He knows the difference. If you are an American citizen and CIA is collecting intercepts of Russians of what you said, is it fair to go to court and say that is evidence of something you did wrong?” Mudd asks. He might want to pick his words more wisely next time. Or if there even is a next time. Because now he has everyone after him.

Did he really think he was going to get away with saying something like this. He should probably no better than to directly threaten a United States government official. But he is a liberal working for CNN so who knows.

“Because the American citizens have a right to have evidence presented in a court beyond a conversation of Russian official reports. It is a hard line. It is frustrating for the American people. I hope they do not want evidence perceived as something a Russian official says. I ┬ádo not want to be convicted on that,” he goes on to say.

This guy has no limit to the stupidity that comes out of his mouth. Do you agree?

(h/t The Hill)