President Trump Makes Announcement About Guantanamo

A lot has been said about President Trump and his administration. There are numerous lies that are being spread throughout the nation right now and it is hurting them in a very big way. Something has to be done to slow down the liberal media and the fake news being used. Despite the horrible things that are currently being spread about him and his administration, there are many things he has done that are going to do amazing things for our country. Believe it or not, but his biggest goal while in the White House is to enhance the safety of the American people. That is what he has said from the beginning and that is what he has done.

In order to make sure the United States is safe from the threats that come in on a daily basis, he has had to do some extraordinary things. This is because the Obama administration did nothing to help the American people. Their safety was put at the back of the list. President Trump came in swearing to do anything he could to change this. And now, he has come out saying that he is going to fill the cells at Gitmo once again. Under Obama, the prison was all but shut down. Maybe he did not realize it, but this is a place that is crucial to the well being of our nation.

The Trump administration has said that they are going to load up the prison with tons of “bad dudes” in their effort to stop the spread of terrorism. This should make many conservatives around the country very pleased as this is what we have wanted to see for many years. They want to use the prison for a place to house jihadi terrorists who pose a great threat to our nation.

Guantanamo has been a place that the United States government could use for many years. It was sad to see it shut down under Obama. He had no idea what he was doing when he made this decision.

Are you happy to see Guantanamo opening back up?

(h/t Independent)