President Trump To Visit France

There has always been a special bond between the United States and France. But, President Donald Trump don’t really share the same opinion. The President has scheduled his visit to Paris on Wednesday, and we’re all waiting to see the outcome of this visit.

Unlike many people, President Trump isn’t really thrilled about Paris. According to him, the city is a dystopian land of terror attacks and radicalized neighborhoods. “So, so, so out of control, so dangerous,” President Trump said once.

Our leader also believes that Paris is taking advantage of the United States and American workers. President Trump noted that he represents “Pittsburgh, not Paris,” as he decided to withdraw our country from the global climate deal.

Well, France thinks in a pretty similar way. Just a small percent of all citizens believe that President Trump will have success when dealing with world affairs. Obama had the highest percent of all US presidents.

President Trump will visit the city that lives in fear, and will also meet Emmanuel Macron. Our leader will meet military officials and visit the tomb of Napoleon Bonaparte. The President is also invited to attend Bastille Day which is one of the greatest national holidays in France.

This visit will cover issues like Syria and terrorism. Many experts can’t really cope with the idea of this trip, mostly due to the fact that Macron criticized President Trump over his decision to pull the US from the Paris deal.

“Macron is still fairly popular; he’s just been elected. … But at the same time, I’m pretty sure a majority of people don’t understand why he’s actually hosting Donald Trump. It’s also interesting that Trump, who has had two fairly difficult trips to Europe, is actually willing to come to Europe,” explains Philippe Le Corre, a France expert at the Brookings Institution. He also served the French Ministry of Defense.

White House sources say that this trip is more like a “gesture of allegiance,” noting that President Trump will reaffirm the relationship with France, and honor French people for their great holiday.

What do you think about this visit? Do you think our country will benefit from the President’s trip to France?

(h/t Politico)