Russian Lawyer Seen With Obama Official

This whole thing with the Russian lawyer is starting to look very fishy. There is something about her that looks unorganized and fraudulent. Could it be the liberals that are up to something even bigger than we all think? That very well could be the case. We know that they are capable of incredible harm to the Trump White House and they have the power of the liberal elites behind them. The liberals and their media has been trying to use this whole meeting against the Trump administration as a whole. But we are starting to see the truth come out against this meeting.

The more that comes out on this situation, the more we see that Donald Trump Jr. was set up by the Democrats. We know that Hillary Clinton would do anything to be in the White House. But luckily she lost anyway, even after all of the cheating that went on to help her. The lawyer that Don Jr. met with has been seen with Obama officials only days after meeting with him, according to new photos that have been released.

This could solve the mystery of what exactly went on here. It seems like the Democrats tried to set him up to fail and these pictures point to it even more. That is not to mention the fact that she should not even have been able to get into the United States, as her visa was expired. Her request for an extension was denied and that should have been the end of the story right there. But it was not for liberals around the country.

They have used this as a way to attack the Trump administration. Of course, many are now even pointing to the fact that this was illegal, even though that is a total lie. They really will do and say anything to get their point across. It is sad to see the hate that they liberals are currently pushing against him. This whole situation is very messed up and obviously something fishy is happening beneath the surface. Now we wait for the truth to come out, as it always does.

(h/t Young Conservatives)