Scarborough Leaves GOP?

Joe Scarborough seems to have great plans for his future since he made a decision, and decided to leave the Republican Party. His colleagues were left in shock, but the MSNBC host was determined to introduce this change into his political development. Scarborough will become an independent, and he confirmed this on Tuesday.

“You have to ask yourself, what in fact is the Republican party willing to do? How far are they willing to go? How much of this country and their values are they willing to sell out?” the Morning Joe co-host argued during his conversation with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show.

The host asked Scarborough whether he was a Republican. “I am a Republican, but I’m not going to be a Republican any more. I’ve got to become an independent,” Scarborough replied.

Scarborough led Florida’s first district in Congress in the period between 1994 and 2001. According to him, Republicans made a huge mistake by supporting President Donald Trump. “It was disturbing through the entire campaign. Time and time and time again they turned the other way. And they’re doing the same thing now. And its actually disgusting,” Scarborough said.

He said that Republicans betrayed “their core values” even before President Trump was elected, referring to their support during the presidential campaign.

Well, we all know that Scarborough didn’t quite agree with the President’s ideas. He was actually criticizing President Trump for everything he did. Americans remember the recent Twitter battle, in which President Trump called him “Psycho Joe.”

It’s funny how Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski actually had a friendly attitude towards President Trump during the pre-election season, but it all changed after Inauguration Day. Brzezinski was also part of the Twitter rampage in which President Trump called her “low-IQ Crazy Mika,” adding that she “was bleeding badly from a face-lift.” Of course, the co-host denied any of this.

What do you think about Scarborough’s decision to leave the Republican Party? Do you think there is something more behind the whole story? Was the MSNBC host pressured to leave the GOP and change his political views?

(h/t Huffington Post, The Daily Caller)