Senate Recess Is Delayed For Two Weeks

Nobody could ever imagine that Mitch McConnell would make a positive announcement. Let’s be honest, not many people like the idea of him being the top Republican in Congress. But, something great happened today, and Americans are grateful for McConnell’s latest move. Oh, we can already imagine the anger among Congress members.

The US Senate has so much to do, but someone is more interested in having their summer vacation. President Donald Trump is unhappy about the fact that the healthcare problem hasn’t been resolved yet. He believes that the Senate should finish its tasks before enjoying summer. We can’t do anything but agree with the President.

Obamacare is still on, and President Trump promised to repeal and even replace it. But, the question is still open, and Senate members are already planning their summer vacation. Well, President Trump has already arranged their summer.

President Trump said that the Senate has to finish the healthcare issue before they go on vacation. McConnell dropped the bomb, and lazy Senate members were left in shock.

The summer recess is cancelled. Well, McConnell cancelled the first two weeks of the recess. The Senate will have plenty of time to finish the open healthcare question and the tax reform. They will also work on the National Defense Authorization Act, and approve the President’s nominations. Most of these nominations have been delayed by Democrats, but luckily, the problem will be solved in near future.

“I cannot imagine that Congress would dare to leave Washington without a beautiful new HealthCare bill fully approved and ready to go!” President Trump tweeted yesterday.

We all saw this coming. It took too long for the Senate to work on the problem. Americans believe that these issues will in no way be solved within the next two weeks. We just hope that the President’s idea will fruit, and Obamacare will be gone for good.

Ted Cruz also made a similar announcement, but nobody thought that the delay would happen.

What do you think about the recess delay? Will the US Senate manage to tackle the open issues?

(h/t NBC News)