White House Memoir Reveals Frat Boy Mentality

Things are starting to come out about what went on in the Barack Obama White House. It was obviously a very dangerous place to be and the things that we have heard about since it happened are terrifying. It just goes to show how far they went to lie to the American people. Liberals love to act like they are the perfect ones. They are the ones that can do no wrong. But we are quickly learning that this was not the case in any situation. The White House under the leadership of Obama, according to a new book, was anything but professional. It sounds like it was a sort of frat house, with the staff members doing whatever they wanted to get cheap sex and thrills.

“If chest bumping had been permitted in the Oval Office, we would have gone for it,” David Litt, a former Obama speech writer, admits. It is scary to think about what else could have gone on during Obama’s years as president as there is no doubt this book does not go into too much detail.

“Each day my heat pounded as I scanned my inbox. Had something gone wrong with my urine sample? Had the vetters learned about the month in college when I paired the thrift store blazers with Looney Tunes pajamas and was certain I started a trend?”



It seems like nothing that was done in Obama’s White House was done in a professional manner. We need to see more investigations into what exactly went on under the Obama administration because we cannot have things like this going on. That makes it even more pathetic when we hear liberals attacking Trump for a bad attitude and unprofessional work ethic. Do they not remember what happened under Obama?

President Trump should feel better after reading this one. It is sad to see the White House treated as a Fraternity House. Is this the new norm for liberals? And will be see this in the liberal media? Probably not as it goes against former President Barack Obama who, to them, is a god.

(h/t Daily Mail)