Chelsea Clinton And Family Make Announcement

Hillary Clinton was sure that she was going to become the president of the United States. That is before Donald Trump took the world by storm. He has not looked back since and has been making life a nightmare for the fraudulent Clinton family. The Clinton family was getting ready for what was supposed to be a win for their mother. But Chelsea Clinton was on top of it already. She thought she was going to be the first daughter once again. But that was ended when Trump demolished them in the election. But before that happened, the Clinton family was getting ready for a Clinton presidency.

They started doing things that were obviously against the law. Insider trading is illegal in the United States, unless you are a part of the Clinton family, apparently. While their mother was running for president, Chelsea Clinton’s husband Marc Mezvinsky had money in a Eaglevale hedge fund from 2011. After Clinton lost the election, he quickly took the money out in an effort to stop what would come next.

This proves that everything the Clinton’s do is based on fraud and they need to pay for it. Conseratives around the country have been demanding that the Clintons see qonsequences for their actions fotr a very long time now. But that is yet to happen and in all likelihood it will not happen for a very long time. The Clinton family is a part of the liberal elites and are protected from seeing jail time.

President Trump has been promising to drain the swamp ever since he took office and even before when he was campaigning. In fact, that is one of the big reasons he was elected in the first place as people around the country were tired of the Obama administration. The Obamas also did untold amounts of damage to the country that we are just now seeing.

Trump wants to make this country great again, and he is doing in quicker than anyone thought was even possible. Ignore the liberal attacks against Trump and his administration as they are false.

(h/t Daily Mail)