Chris Matthews Attacks Trump Voters

President Trump has his voters to thank for at least some of his success. Somehow, liberals have turned it into a huge issue. For them, President Donald Trump has been doing a horrible job listening to Americans and their problems. We need to start looking at how this kind of hate originates because it is starting to take a toll on how he can run this country. He has been doing a fantastic job working for every single American in this country. And despite what the liberal media says, Americans know it. That is why it is so sad to see him and his family treated so badly by the left. Even Melania is not protected from the hate. When does it end?

That is where MSNBC’s Chris Matthews comes into play. He recently started talking and proved to Americans how clueless they are when it comes to the average American. First, liberal Karin Jean-Pierre started talking and that is what started the whole thing.

“Look, there is, I think there is clear evidence, text book evidence for collusion. But not only that the collusion actually led to obstruction of justice possible, right? Because that is what the President did. He fired Comey. Here is the thing, if this was Hillary Clinton, we would already be doing through impeachment committees.”

What is this woman talking about. Does she even listen to herself talk? It seems like she would at least see that Trump and his administration is treated far worse than any liberal that might have made it to office.

That is when Chris Matthews comes into play. “I want to ask you something. You said that people out in the country are not focusing on this. I understand there is still a lot of attitude against the establishment. But if this were Chelsea and Hillary involved in this, you do not think that that crowd out there in Ted Cruz country, in Utah, southern South Dakota and those other countries represented there in Wyoming. You do not think they would be going crazy and lightning bonfires at federal buildings.”

Chris Matthews has no idea what he is talking about. He needs to be taken off television for good.

(h/t Daily Caller)