First Lady Melania Visits Pediatric Hospital In Paris (Video)

President Donald and First Lady Melania are on their first official visit of Paris. Democrats criticized the President for his decision to visit France. But, the First Couple did an amazing job, and patriots across the country applaud to their commitment. Well, decent Americans also applauded to another detail of this visit.

First Lady Melania has her own tradition of visiting pediatric hospitals in every country she visits. This is a clear proof that she has a great personality. Many would agree that First Lady Melania is one of the most caring people in the country. Other first ladies were engaged in other projects, but our gorgeous First Lady decided to honor the youngest citizens of Paris.

Children at Necker Hospital in Paris were super happy and thrilled. This was a glorious moment, and reporters caught the every touching detail of the amazing visit.

President Donald Trump will spend two days in France. He has already scheduled his meeting with the French President Emmanuel Macron. He will also attend the Bastille Day celebration. It’s one of the greatest state holidays in France.

First Lady Melania used the opportunity to visit the cute little children at the hospital, and even greeted them in French. She introduced herself, and asked them a few questions.

Twitter users had the opportunity to see the photo First Lady Melania posted. “Thank U @hospital_necker for allowing me to visit your wonderful patients & inspirational staff. Continued prayers for good health for all,” First Lady Melania tweeted after her visit of the Necker Hospital.

This visit was a pleasant surprise for us all. First Lady Melania is pretty busy these days, but she never forgets the most vulnerable groups. We can’t say anything, but agree that she is an incredibly caring person. Maybe Democrats will change their mind, and stop criticizing her. Patriots agree that she is the greatest first lady America has ever seen.

What do you think about the President’s visit to Paris? Do you think this visit will bring something good to our country? How would you describe the First Lady’s visit to the pediatric hospital? Will Democrats mock her again?

(h/t Daily Mail)