Kellyanne Conway Blasts Lying Media (Video)

President Donald Trump had to deal with so many lies lately, and his family was also caught in the net. Democrats tried to pull their nasty tricks, and undermine our leader, but things didn’t work too well for them. The President has been facing difficulties since the very first moment he was inaugurated, and now Democrats put their hands on his son, Donald Trump Jr. But, Kellyanne Conway isn’t buying any of this, and she decided to respond to all the lies.

The First Family has been a constant target in the last few months. Although President Trump did his best to protect his family, nobody is immune to the anger spread by Democrats. You could be the best person in the world, and they’d still hate you for being better than them. It’s funny how the anti-Trumps can’t get used to the idea of having Donald Trump in the Oval Office. They better learn how to live with it, because President Trump has already taken the matter in his hands.

Kellyanne Conway is a loyal patriot who only works for the well-being of us all. She is nothing like Hillary Clinton and her friends. Conway was largely criticized for her support for President Trump, and Democrats even tried to make up a story of her “being familiar with the kneeling position in the Oval Office.” But, Conway is a professional, and she solves the problems with ease.

This time she decided to speak about the damage caused by liberal media, comparing them to “ants on a sugar cube mentality.” She can’t understand the whole Russian thing. She talked to Hannity, and revealed two amazing “flash cards.” Democrats will hate this.

She had the words “conclusion?” and “collusion” written on the sheets. This was Conway’s attempt to explain the media’s inability to provide evidence of collusion. We can only hope that Democrats will understand her words, and stop trashing President Donald Trump. This hate thing has got to stop.

Conway also said that the mainstream was too interested in the meeting between Donald Jr. and Veselnitskaya, noting that they “forgot” to mention Hillary’s arrangements with Russians.

What do you think about Conway’s method? Do you think Democrats will understand this? How will liberal reporters react to this?

(h/t Fox News)