Michelle Obama Embarrasses Herself Once Again

By now, conservatives are used to seeing the Obama family embarrass themselves and the American people. Maybe, we thought, after they get out of office it will be better. They might be out of the limelight and we can finally get class back in the White House. Well, we have class in the White House, but the Obamas are just as bad as ever. Do they even try? It sure doesn’t seem like it. Michelle Obama was one of the worst first ladies this country has ever seen. Her disgusting and vulgar outfits have been reported on thousands of times. But that does not stop her from continuing forward in the *wrong* direction.

We saw that again last night, when Michelle was giving a speech at the annual ESPY awards. She was given the job of awarding someone the Arthur Ashe Award for Courage. Seems ironic, doesn’t it? But something else caught the eyes of conservatives around the country. As she was speaking, the liberals in the audience were giving her ovation after ovation. They were cheering on whatever lies she was up there telling. But still, there was one more thing that was even worse.

Michelle is not keen on picking outfits. She never has been and that has been a very big problem ever since her husband was elected president. This last dress she wore puts all the others to rest. This is the queen of them all. Take a look for yourselves.

It is a black sheer dress with several rips for added..? It seems a bit far off and she missed the mark by a long way. This is why Americans should be so happy we have a classy first lady like Melania Trump in the White House now. It is sad to see so many liberals around the country totally blinded by the Obamas and their lies. They are brainwashed into believing anything they are told.

Michelle Obama is out of the White House and yet she is still embarrassing herself on a daily basis. What do you think of the dress she wore?

(h/t Huffington Post)