New Details Emerge On John McCain

John McCain has been one of the strongest critics of President Donald Trump from the beginning. And we can point to where all of the hate started. It is very easily traced back to when President Trump was joking about John McCain. Since then, McCain has been on the hunt, looking for anything he can use against him. So far, he has come up with nothing. However, he has proved himself to be a massive traitor to the Republican party. Conservatives across the country are starting to see what a fraud this man really is. Hopefully he will be out of the government soon enough.

But some new details are emerging into what John McCain has done in the past to get back at the president. John McCain has been confirmed to be the source of the ‘dirty dossier’ which he handed over to FBI authorities. This document was said to have contained unconfirmed secrets on President Donald Trump and his staff. If everything is held down, this could be some pretty big news in the John McCain camp. Whatever support he still has would be gone after pulling a move like this.

McCain met with a man named Sir Andrew Wood, a former British Diplomat currently living in Canada. “I would like to stress that I did not pass on any dossier to Senator McCain or anyone else and I did not see a dossier at the time,” Sir Wood explains. Could he be trying to cover up for something even bigger or is he telling the genuine truth? Only time will tell, but knowing how McCain operates, there is something bigger going on here.

There are a lot of moving pieces in this story and it will be very interesting to see how it all plays out. But one thing is sure: John McCain has proven himself to be against the ideals of the conservatives and he has to pay for it. There is no way that he can keep his power in the government if this is proven true.

What do you think about this whole situation?

(h/t Daily Mail)