Newt Gingrich Talks With Sean Hannity

The Trump administration has gotten the short end of a long on on most occasions, but at least they do have a few people that are willing to stick up for him. Most of the time, the mainstream media is totally unfair and completely biased when they give the “news.” Now we know that this is not, in fact, the news. It is really only what they are choosing to report because of their beliefs and values. This has caused a deep rift in the country with liberals choosing to believe one thing and conservatives believing the other. Something has to be done so that our country can continue to move forward in the right direction. Newt Gingrich has been one of the few conservatives willing to call out the liberals on their lies about Trump.

Time and time again, Gingrich has come on live television and gone after the fake news that is reported on a daily basis. It is obvious that he, for one, is tired of hearing about Trump and Russia and whatever other lies they can come up with. It is sad to see the Trump administration treated with such disrespect. Even his family is not safe from the attacks. First Lady Melania Trump is regularly bombarded with hate from the left and people are starting to pay attention. Did Obama ever see attacks of this magnitude? Not even close.

Gingrich went on to talk about the fact that the liberals and their media will look past whatever the democrats are doing just to attack conservatives. This is the truth. There is no doubt that they have a plan to impeach President Trump. Luckily for him, he has the power of the American people behind him. Have you noticed that the mainstream media talks more about Russia than they do the United States? They have not dropped these lies from the airways because they want people to continue to talk about it for as long as possible.

All of those obstruction of justice claims are long gone because people finally figured out that they were complete lies. Sadly, President Trump is the victim of elite hate based solely on his beliefs and that is the sad truth of the situation.

(h/t Fox News)