Did Obama Try To Sneak Into The Country?

Barack Obama is still hoping that Americans will give him another chance. Well, he already got two, and disappointed every decent citizen in this country. Hillary Clinton and a couple of Dems are trying to get Obama in the game again, but things won’t go that smoothly. Obama may be subjected to a thorough investigation, and no shadow government will ever help him take a major role in the US. His time is up, and this is actually a good thing. But, Obama was caught doing this.

Liberal reporters gave their best to hide the fact that Obama tried to sneak into the country through Alaska. This incident filled headlines across the country, but Obama’s friends tried to create a thick cover-up. None of that worked, and we even got the details.

Obama can’t cope with reality, and considers himself a president. His latest trip to Asia is a clear proof of Obama’s attitude. The trip itself was nothing but a big joke, and an attempt to undermine President Trump. Many people would agree that Obama even broke the law by taking a role that has nothing to do with him.

The former president tried to enter the country through Alaska. He was on his private jet, of course. So, every sane person would ask the question straight. Why did Obama landed in Alaska? He even posed with a baby to make it look like a nice and chill trip. No photo will change this fact.

That’s not all. Obama will soon meet Eric Holder and Nancy Pelosi. Democrats are saying that this meeting will mark the start of a fundraiser for the National Democratic Redistricting Committee (NDRC). We know that there is a lot going on behind this fundraising thing. Could it be that Democrats are plotting against President Trump?

The election of President Trump is the worst nightmare of every Democrat. They’re still desperately trying to get the President impeached, and even hope to win the 2020 elections. Too ambitious, I’d say.

What do you think about Obama’s landing in Alaska? Do you think the former president is up to something? Is this somehow related with the impeachment game? How will Obama and his Democrat friends excuse themselves this time?

(h/t The Hill, USA Today, NBC News)