Obamaphone Caught In Major Fraud Scandal

Barack Obama damaged our country to an almost irreversible extent. He had the opportunity to make America great again, but failed to accomplish his promises. Intentionally. People gave him a second chance, and he failed again. President Donald Trump appeared at the right time, and America has a chance of turning into a leading power. Americans are happy for this, and Obama should better find himself a place to hide.

We knew that Barack Obama was up to something, but we never thought that he holds a few slush funds behind the curtains. The latest report from the Government Accountability Office confirms that another program has already become a slush fund burdened with fraud and crime.

Remember how the Obamaphone program worked? It was Obama’s idea of helping the poor, and giving them cell phones. Well, the program is nothing but a network filled with lies and fraud.

Senator Clair McCaskill requested the report, and it turns out that the program is associated with the assets worth $9 billion.

The Federal Communications Commission operated the Obamaphone program, and it’s even older than Obama’s presidency. It became popular during Obama’s time in office. Reports show that over 10.6 million Americans have an Obamaphone, and 36 percent of them aren’t even qualified to receive this benefit. But, we are well aware of Obama’s way of doing things, and frauds like this can’t surprise us.

Over 5,500 recipients have two phones, and Obamaphone funded about 6,400 phones for Americans that had been listed as dead. Can you believe this?

Investigations used a simple trick, and submitted fraudulent applications. Guess what happened next… 12 out of 19 phone carriers approved a phone.

Obama excused his program by saying that poor people need a phone to apply for a job and do modern business. What most Americans don’t know is the fact that cellphone carriers fund the program, and the costs are passed on to customers through the dreaded universal service fee charge. You could see this on your bill.

What do you think about this? What was this program actually used for? Is Obama hiding something else?

(h/t Washington Times)