Peyton Manning Defends Himself From Hate

Liberals have taken their attacks of President Donald Trump to the next level. It seems like there is a goal in all of this. For some reason, they feel the need to lie through their teeth about the current administration. It could be because they are threatened by his quick success. Maybe it is literally just based on their hate. But something has to be done because we cannot continue on in this way. The left, and their media, has been doing whatever they can to brainwash themselves and their viewers. They have been trying to come up with a good reason to impeach Trump ever since he started.

But they have even gone so far as to attack Peyton Manning for playing golf with the president of the United States. If that seems little bit to harsh, that is because it is. Any American should be thrilled to get a chance like that. And that is exactly how Peyton Manning, the superstar quarterback, saw it. But that is not how liberals saw it and they took it out on him in a big way.

He had to go on television and defend his actions on Jimmy Kimmel. He started of by defending himself from the liberal hate. “I heard Arnold Palmer say one time if the President of the United States ever asks you to play golf, you do it, it is a no brainer.”

He goes on the breakdown what they actual day was like. “We had 30 golf carts behind us. Felt safe, but he was a great host. He loves sports. And we passed through a number of groups. He was very gracious. He too a picture with groups that we passed through.” Not only does this show that President Trump cares about the people in this country, but he is even willing to go out of his way to make the people happy.

If Peyton Manning says that Trump is an amazing guys, then maybe they should start to believe him. This was a very good time for Manning and hopefully was just one of many meetings with President Trump.

(h/t Rolling Stone)