Trump Won With The American People

Considering the amount of hate from the left President Trump has been doing an amazing job of getting things done. Very few times in American history have we seen the president of the United States getting so much hate for doing only good things. That is the sad truth of the situation. The mainstream media has been doing everything they can to hurt the administration. They are lying to their viewers about what is really going on. One of their main talking points? President Trump colluded with someone to win the election. Well, according to this tweet, they might not have to look much further.

President Trump did not have to cheat to win. His name is not Hillary Clinton after all. The only way he won this election was to relate to the American people. After 8 years, people tried to make a big change from what was the leader of the past. Obama did nothing for the American people nor did he care about them in anyway. He was so fed up with himself and his family. We saw this first hand many different times during the past 8 years.

But as per the tweet above, we can see the kind of support this man got from the people. He was beloved by everyone throughout the country. There is a reason why he was elected and it does not only have to do with the woman he was running against. Though Hillary Clinton was an easy opponent, Trump had many more qualities that people we excited about. First of all, he had never worked in Washington again which means he is not tied down with the binds of bipartisanship.

He already has plenty of money and does not need anymore. That is why he decided to donate his entire salary to charity. Americans love the fact that he only wants to make America great again. Hopefully he can continue on in this path of success. So far he has been doing a fantastic job of getting things done.

(h/t Twitter)