Barack Obama To Receive Another Award

Barack Obama thinks he was a very successful president. Little does he know that is far from the truth. It is sad to see the liberals treating this man as well as he is. Americans under Barack Obama were treated horribly and completely unfair. But for the left, he was one of the best president this nation has ever seen. Do we see the double standard? This man can do no wrong no matter what he does. It hurts to say, but that was proved recently when he was nominated for yet another award.

Jack Schlossberg, who is President John F. Kennedy’s only grandson was the man in the spotlight when he was the one to announce that Obama would be winning the Profile in Courage Award. This is sad as Obama has no courage at all.

“This award recognized that he made tough choices over the last eight years to execute on a vision, to give people health care, to get serious about climate change, and to reach out to international partners and really improve America’s standing in the world. That takes political courage. I think we are seeing today that it is pretty easy to criticize without offering solutions. President Obama did not do that. He had the courage to government responsibly,” noted Schlossberg. Could this be an off handed insult at President Donald Trump?

It sure looks like it. People seem to think that they can do whatever and say whatever they want about the president. But that is not the case. They need to start seeing some sort of punishment for the insults that they bring onto the president and his administration.

Obama is the last person that needs to be receiving this award. If Obama wanted to show “political courage” then maybe he would have tried working harder for the American people. Because to millions of conservatives around the country, it seemed a lot like he simply did not care. But what else can we expect from a liberal president.

This is one of the many reasons why we should be so relieved to have a president like Donald Trump.

(h/t NPR)