Democrats Disapprove The President’s Trip To France

The official visit of France was one of the greatest things President Trump did in the last few months. Democrats criticized his decision to visit Paris, but the President knew that he had to work on the relationship between the two countries. France is a powerful country, and it should be respected. The two-day visit full-packed with evens, meetings, and ceremonies. But, guess what happened next…

This is the second international trip of President Donald and First Lady Melania. It was a big step towards a better friendship with France. President Trump hit the right timing, and honored France during its most important national holiday – the Bastille Day. The parade was the best of its kind, and President Trump had the pleasure to attend it. The First Couple also had dinner with the French President, Emanuel Macron and his lovely wife, Brigitte Macron. They dined at a restaurant right inside the Eiffel Tower.

France is having a lot of problems with terrorism, and the Islamic infiltration has turned into a general issue. We’ve all heard the stories about the terrorist attacks who are disturbingly attracted to Paris.

According to White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer, President Trump and Macron were supposed to discuss over a possible counterterrorism cooperation and a strong economic partnership between the US and France. This visit will also include other mutual issues.

The First Couple headed to the US Embassy, and addressed military members and their families for everything they do.  “Melania and I were thrilled to be here with the dedicated men and women of the Paris Embassy, members of the U.S. military, and your beautiful families, see here! #Paris#France #USA. I am here today to deliver a simple message – THANK YOU. You work long hours, far from home— and with little public credit—to keep our people safe and free. You do it for one reason: LOVE OF COUNTRY,” President Trump wrote on Instagram alongside the photo he posted.


Liberals used the opportunity to trash the First Family. We expected something like this. Can you imagine that Democrats criticized the President for not holding his wife’s hand?

We know that President Trump did a good job, and Americans support him.

What do you think about the criticism Democrats fired at President Trump and First Lady Melania? Will the President respond to this?

(h/t USA Today)