First Lady Melania Departs Off Privately During Paris Trip

Americans wonder whether Barack Obama is the greatest fan of President Donald Trump. Well, you can’t go without asking such thing, because the former president seems to be following President Trump. Does this mean that Obama is out of projects? We know that he announced his plan to help Democrats win the next elections, but it seems like he has something else on his mind.

President Donald and First Lady Melania are on their first official visit of Paris. Although Democrats condemned President Trump for visiting France, this is actually a major step forward. The trip to France will definitely create a stronger bond between the two countries, and that’s exactly what we needed at the moment. President Trump decided to honor the French President Emmanuel Macron and his country for the great Bastille Day.

Some thought that President Trump is making a huge mistake, noting that visiting France isn’t the smartest idea after the withdrawal from the Paris deal. But, it’s actually an awesome idea. President Trump knows his job, and Americans support him. But, First Lady Melania did something brilliant during the first day of their visit.

Given that the Obamas have followed President Trump in every country so far, First Lady Melania decided to do a little trick right after landing in Paris. President Trump headed to the US Embassy, and addressed military families, explaining that this was his priority. But, First Lady Melania didn’t accompany him, and departed off privately. Guess what she did next…

First Lady Headed to Hospital Necker, one of the biggest pediatric hospitals in France. She visited the cute little angels, and talked to them in French. First, she introduced herself, and asked them a couple of questions.

“Thank U @hospital_necker for allowing me to visit your wonderful patients & inspirational staff. Continued prayers for good health for all,” First Lady Melania tweeted. She is the most amazing person we have ever met.

What do you think about the move First Lady Melania made? Do you think the Obamas will rush to visit France? How will Democrats interpret the President’s visit of Paris?

(h/t Daily Mail)