First Lady Melania Visits Notre Dame Cathedral In Paris

First Lady Melania Trump is on her first official visit of Paris. President Donald Trump chose the right way to honor the great country, and work on the relationship with the European country. Although many thought that President Trump shouldn’t visit the ‘city of light,’ we actually support him. President Trump knows that this is the right way to rebuild the friendship between the US and France.

The two-day visit was filled with a few great events, and one of them is the First Lady’s visit to the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. She was accompanied by the First Lady of France Brigitte Macron.

Renowned fashion critics complimented the first ladies for their outfits. First Lady Melania wore a gorgeous Dior skirt and Bar Jacket. This was the perfect way to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Dior. First Lady Melania works with her French-born stylist Herve Pierre, and they both agreed that this would be the best outfit for the occasion.

French reporters were amazed with the combination First Lady Melania picked. “It’s good she wore a French designer like Dior. It is like diplomacy and a statement that she loves France,” says Annalise Breton, a French student. Well, we can’t do anything but agree with her comment. First Lady Melania sure knows how to pick the fitting dress for every event.

Brigitte Macron wore a white mini dress signed by Louis Vuitton.

The Notre Dame Rector Patrick Chauvet led the two first ladies during their visit of the 850-year-old building.

Everyone was amazed when First Lady Melania lit a candle and prayed. “I showed them how the cathedral was at the heart of French history and Paris. I told them that all the greatest moments — happy or sad — were celebrated here,” Chauvet said.

The French First Lady mentioned the popular novel of Victor Hugo, ‘Notre Dame de Paris.’

What do you think about this? Do you think Democrats will mock First Lady Melania for praying in the cathedral? How will they accept Trumps’ visit of France? Do you think this will create a perfect soil for more fake news?

(h/t The Washington Post)