Flies Vs. Hillary Clinton

Is ‘farm’ the word of the day? No, if your name is Hillary Clinton. The failing Democrat candidate can’t get over her loss, and she is desperately trying to get everyone’s attention. But, you’d all agree that Hillary is always choosing the wrong way. Maybe she will start acting reasonably, and stop making fun of herself.

Hillary Clinton was too convinced about her presidential victory. She probably thought that Americans would forget the death of all the innocent people who died in Benghazi. Hillary is the worst thing that has happened to our country, and she had no chances of winning the 2016 presidential elections. But, she had a great financial support, and her friend Democrats pushed her forward. Let’s not forget that Soros was there, too.

Many would agree that the great loss in November actually put an end to Hillary’s political career. We can’t really understand the courage she showed during the elections. She probably thought that Americans will fall for her lies, but truth is, nobody wanted her in the White House. President Donald Trump had a better campaign, and his promises were real. That’s why people chose him in the first place.

So, Hillary didn’t have other solution, and started blaming everyone for her failure, including President Trump, Republicans, and even James Comey. Well, she is the only one to be blamed her. Running for a president was the last thing she could do.

Everybody remembers the time Hillary Clinton visited an American farm, and the ceremony didn’t go well, because the Democrat was “attacked” by all the flies buzzing around her. Hillary was too angry about this, and asked farmers to take care of the problem. One of them gave her the explanation she didn’t expected.

“Well, those are called circle flies. They always circle around the back end of horses,” said the farmer. Hillary went crazy. “Hey! Are you saying that I’m a horse’s ass?” she replied. “No, Ma’am. I would never call someone a horse’s ass. It’s hard to fool them flies though,” responded the farmer. Ouch.

What do you think about this incident? Do you think Hillary will make another public appearance?

(h/t Infowars)