Krauthammer Goes On Liberal Bias Rant

There is a very specific way the liberals choose to go about attacking President Donald Trump. They have gone on with lie after lie that usually accomplishes absolutely nothing. It is very sad to see the president of the United States being treated so poorly by the people he was elected to lead. But there is a method to the liberals madness, if you can even call it that. Every lie they have been telling has been an attempt to get him impeached. Fox News has been one of the few media sources that has kept the truth in play.

Charles Krauthammer exploded on the liberals for trying to push a story that doesn’t actually exist. For the past week the left and their mainstream media has been doing everything they can to push the Donald Trump Jr. meeting even further. We have known for a long time now that the meeting was nothing and that this is yet another attempt to get President Donald Trump in trouble.

“The scandal that the email received from an intermediary by Donald Trump Jr. said that a Russian government lawyer, the president is wrong it was not a lawyer, a Russian government lawyer, would be coming with dirt on Hilary and that the Kremlin was supporting his campaign and that the crown prosecutor, that is a misnomer. The State prosecutor in the Kremlin had a trove of documents that they would offer. That is the story.”

There is definetly no story here. The liberals have been trying to find something in this story to get him in trouble for. But so far, nothing at all. Liberals need to learn that Trump is in charge of this country whether they like it or not. It seems a little bit unacceptable that the left thins that they can lie about the administration.

Barack Obama did not have to deal with hate on this level. The media has been trying to point out that conservatives treated Obama poorly too. But that is far from the case and they are only trying to change the subject.

(h/t Huffington Post)