Melania Met With Macrons In France

First Lady Melania Trump has an incredible amount of class. We see it every day in the way she composes herself. What an awesome step up from what we used to have to deal with. Michelle Obama plagued the White House with her presence for 8 years straight and Americans were starting to be fed up with the way she acted. She is a selfish human being that did nothing in her power to help Americans. Luckily, Melania Trump is a huge step up from the previous first lady and we can finally be proud of what we have.

We saw a perfect example of her class when she and President Donald Trump visited France to meet with President Macron and his wife. The visit was splendid with an amazing display of class by both side. It goes as the long standing allies talked over different issues regarding our countries. But Melania stole the show, like she so often does. Everyone’s eyes were on her and her outfit.

It was a simply show of class with a floral dress and blue heels. But it was just what the people wanted to see. This was amazing for the first lady who has been dealing with a lot since her husband was elected. Liberals have been doing anything they can to make sure that he does not go any further as our leader. But the attacks against Melania Trump are totally uncalled for. There is no reason for the hate that has been given to her.

There is something about the way Melania goes about her day that is amazing to see. Americans have been so used to seeing Michelle Obama destroy this nation from the inside and it is a huge change to see Melania in action. She and President Trump are doing an amazing job at keeping Americans together. During this time in our nations history, we need a fearless leader that can, well, lead us.

Hopefully they can continue on in the direction they are going. This is what we need more of as a country and it is refreshing to see.

(h/t Daily Caller)