Melania Uses French During Visit

The hate that is against the Trump administration right now is starting to take a toll on how Americans go about their daily life. Liberals have made it there absolute goal to destroy him and his family using any means necessary. It is sad, really sad, to see them treated poorly by so many people. But they have done a good job of ignoring the hate that is spewing from liberals’ mouths. The past couple of days have been very good for the first couple as they were able to go to France on a visit.

The French president got off to a shaky start with President Donald Trump but it quickly smoothed itself over. The two had a great time speaking with each other about the issues that were hitting their nations. Sadly, the liberals will turn this against President Trump somehow because that is what they always do. The leaders attended a parade in Paris for the French Independence day, celebrated on the 14th of July.

But what most people are talking about right now is what Melania Trump did. We know that Melania has been amazing at getting the citizens of the United States together. With all of the hate that she receives, it is good to see her getting the respect she deserves. That is what she got in France. Her and Brigitte Macron visited a children’s hospital during her time in France. This has been something that Melania has done a lot lately. She loves helping children.

One thing about the visit shocked everyone in the room, however. Melania Trump speaks 6 languages and French happens to be one of them. Even though she is attacked for not speaking English, she can fluently speak French. We got to see that very often during the visit.

It is about time to start seeing some more respect for the First Couple of the United States. But with the liberals, that might be easier said than done. They will continue their attacks against her and her husband as long as they grace the White House.

What do you think?

(h/t Daily Mail)