Rep Wants All Trump Children Out Of White House

President Donald Trump has been facing a lot of hate ever since he took office and nothing had helped to get rid of it. The liberals have absolutely no filter and can get away with saying whatever they want. It is sad to see the president of the United States treated with such hate and disgust. How did we get to this point in our country’s politics? But we are past the point of presidential attacks. The liberals have no found that attacking Trump’s family might be even better.

Over the past week or so the Trump administration has been having to deal with the liberal attacks against his son, Donald Trump Jr. He met with a Russian lawyer that promised dirt on then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. But nothing was found and ever since the New York Times first published its story, liberals have been on the hunt. They are on the hunt for someone to blame in all of this. Can they not just admit that nothing of criminal status was done? They have been looking for a way to turn this against President Trump in an effort to get him impeached. It has gone too far.

But nothing compares to what Rep. Bill Flores said about Trump and his children. He explains how it would be best for everyone if all of the Trump children were out of the White House. Obviously this makes no sense and is just a way to attack the family.

“I am going to go out on a limb here, but I would say that I think it would be in the President’s best interest if he removed all of his children from the White House,” he went on the explain. “Not only Donald Trump Jr., but Ivanka and Jared Kushner.”

It is a sad day when not even the first family can get any respect. When asked about the meeting with the lawyer, he responded like any liberal would. “I do find issues with the meeting. It is a meeting that should not have taken place,” he continued. “I think he though he was looking out for his father’s best interest.”

What do you think?

(h/t KBTX)