Sebastian Gorka Teaches Anderson Cooper A Lesson On Live TV (Video)

Deputy Assistant to the President Sebastian Gorka went on CNN, and turned the show into a “wall of shame.” We bet that Anderson Cooper isn’t quite thrilled about this interview. But, he started it all.

Cooper opened the discussion by saying that President Donald Trump put the White House into “bunker mode” after Donald Trump Jr. was exposed for his meeting with Veselnitskaya. We all know that this was nothing like a “big exposure” or something. The Russian lawyer was in no way connected with the Russian government, and Democrats were just trying to pump up the whole thing.

Gorka decided to teach Cooper a lesson, and said that the report against Donald Jr. is nothing but “laughable.” CNN has already tried to create a story in which the White House is going through a crisis. Gorka assured Cooper that there was no such thing, adding that President Trump is a “steam locomotive that will not be stopped.” We all wonder how CNN could fall to this, and that’s exactly what Gorka told Cooper.

“I’m just going to ignore the insults because I don’t think it gets us anywhere,” said the host. Well, Cooper didn’t have any arguments, and decided to “ignore the insults.”

Gorka defended Donald Jr. and tried to explain the whole email scandal stuff. Guess what Cooper did next… He said that the President’s eldest son was just saving himself. Well, we all know the real intention behind his words.

Gorka told Cooper that he thought he is invited on the show to discuss over real problems, and Cooper got a bit angry. A bit?

“Oh, are you a TV producer now?” he said. Well, Gorka did a great thing, and someone had to teach Cooper a lesson. Americans cheered to this interview, and every patriot would agree that Cooper deserved this for trashing President Trump and his family.

What do you think about the comments Gorka made? Do you agree with him? Do you think Cooper got what he deserved? How will Democrats interpret this interview? Will Cooper keep bashing President Donald Trump and his loved ones?

(h/t The Daily Caller)