More Evidence Released On Hillary And Abedin

Hillary Clinton has shown that she should not be trusted by anyone in the country. There were many reasons why she was not elected. First and foremost she is a liar and a fraud. Just the email situation alone was enough to turn Americans’ backs towards her and her campaign. Why was everyone so shocked when she lost?

But now there have been even more documents that were released that show some of the things that happened between Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin. It is hard to realize just how fraudulent these two women are and how far they are willing to go to hurt the American people. The lies that they told did so much damage to this nation.

We are finding out more and more about what exactly happened in this whole email situation  with each passing day. There has to be more that we can do to save this country from this whole mess. There were many emails that have come out recently that shed some light on this whole situation. Emails between Hillary and Huma were hidden for the most part until not too long ago.

There is one email in particular that caught a lot of people’s eyes. Hillary Clinton emailed her aide, Lona Valmoro and asked her to attend a cabinet meeting. “I heard on the radio that there is a Cabinet meeting this morning. Is there? Can I go? If not, who are you sending?” The aide, Valmoro answers: “It is actually not a full cabinet meeting today – those agencies that received recovery money were invited to attend/participate. We were welcome to send a representative though, not sure if we have anyone going.”

This was an email sent on her private email which goes to show you that she did not care about the consequences of her actions, probably because she knew she’d get away with it. And for the most part, she has not seen any consequences of her actions. Though many conservatives are calling for her to go to jail that will not happen. Maybe we should be happy and take her losing the election as punishment enough. Or maybe not…

(h/t Judicial Watch)