Hannity Calls Out Anderson Cooper For Fake News

We all know that CNN is the worst of the worst when it comes to reporting on the truth. They have had to come out with numerous retractions after running completely false stories in an effort to destroy President Donald Trump. Their goal is to eventually get him impeached but they are a long way from that.

It seems like maybe they should work more on getting the news out and less about lying about President Trump. But that is not the way we think and we got a chance to see that first hand recently. Last week, Anderson Cooper got into it with White House Deputy Assistant Sebastian Gorka on live television. He has been facing the heat ever since.

Sean Hannity was not okay with the way the interview was handled. We know that CNN will do anything they can to make the conservatives look bad. It was no different here when Cooper completely humiliated himself with what he said to Gorka.

Hannity went on the explain how this was not okay for the man who is supposed to be the face of the network. Hannity asked conservative commentator Joe Concha to chime in on what happened.

“Anderson Cooper at one point scolded Sebastian Gorka and said, ‘I am just going to ignore the insults because I really do not think they get us anywhere,” he started. “Anderson Cooper, the face of that network and their highest paid person there who should act like a professional, called Gorka ‘The Hungarian Don Rickles,” he went on. “So that is where things are getting personal. It is not longer about anything else but hurling an insult where a guy cannot defend himself.”

“If you are going to insult somebody, do not bring up Don Rickles. He just died three months ago. He was beloved. Find another example besides a beloved entertainer like Don Rickles.” It seems like the liberals have gone to far. And when the main man at CNN takes a guest and starts insulting him, maybe they have gone too far.

Do you agree with what Joe Concha said?

(h/t Mediate)