Muslim Refugees Rape 5 Year Old Girl

A lot has been said about Muslim refugees in this country. Liberals love to act like they are no one to worry about. But conservatives know better than that considering they are coming into the United States at an alarming rate. President Donald Trump has been doing whatever he can to help the situation but liberals are blocking everything he puts into play. This is the scary reality of the situation. Muslims are trying to do whatever they can to take over our country. There have even been reports that some want to go as far as enforcing Sharia law in the United States of America. Liberals are completely okay with this.

But we got a good example of exactly why we should not let these people into our country recently. A 5 year old girl in Idaho was raped by a gang of Muslim refugee not very long ago. They took her into the laundry room where they undressed her and then started urinating on her and raping her. The worst part about this whole situation? The whole thing was filmed and shown in the courtroom.

Considering that this is the United States of America, these people should get justice for their crimes, right? Wrong. They got away with what they did to this poor little girl and did not get any jail time at all. It was total chaos when it was found out that they would get away with what they did. And to make matters eve worse,¬†Judge Thomas Borreson made it to where nobody, not even the victim’s family could talk about the case.

The family is heart broken over the verdict and they are still looking for justice for their daughter. When something like this happens, we need to be able to trust the justice system to punish those responsible. That is not what happened this time. Hopefully under President Donald Trump, things in the United States can start changing for the better. That is what we need to see. And hopefully the family of this poor little girl can get some answers.

(h/t Pamela Geller)