Sean Hannity Exposes Robert Mueller

Sean Hannity has been one of the few people that has been honest with the American people when it comes to the news. For the most part, the media has been incredibly unfair the the citizens of this country. They tell lie after lie and it is getting to the point where we can no longer trust what is being said to us. We have to do something about the way we do business because the liberals think they can get away with whatever they want. Fox News has long been a voice for conservatives. Hopefully it will continue on that way.

As long as Sean Hannity is there we should be in pretty good hands. It is sad to see everyone on the Trump administration treated with such disrespect from the left. One of the main things they have been trying to do recently is come up with a way to get President Donald Trump impeached. They think they have a good reason in obstruction of justice. Even though these claims have been proven to be lies time and time again, they have continued their push.

Robert Mueller is one of the people that is against Trump. He has been doing just about everything he can to disrupt him and his administration. Things need to change and that is exactly what Hannity said on his show recently.

He talked about the amount of corruption that is currently going on with the Russian investigation and what needs to be done. “We also need answers about the reports that the FBI, James Comey, offered to pay Christopher Steele as much as $50,000. Also speaking of James Comey, well, he is surrounded by controversy. He may have broken the law,” spoke Hannity.

“Remember, removing classified government property from the FBI. And Comey also admitted that he gave one of his memos to a friend so that they would leak it to the press, it that case, the New York Times, because he wanted a special counsel. Well that special counsel turned out to be longtime BFF of James Comey, Robert Mueller,” he went on.

What do you think should happen to Mueller?

(h/t Twitter)