Bob Mueller To Be Kicked Out?

President Donald Trump has a few great plans for our country, and draining the swamp was his top priority. The presidential campaign was built on great promises, and President Trump is already working on each of them. But, Democrats won’t like his plans for Bob Mueller.

According to the latest predictions LawNewz, Bob Mueller will leave his position in 100 days. The publication was founded by ABC News anchor Dan Abrams. According to him, President Trump will find the best way to remove Mueller. The article is also focused on the “witch hunt” and the “fake news.” President Trump has long warned about this, and things got pretty serious at one point.

The article explains how President Trump could pull the trigger and “’Comey’ Mueller.” The President can’t fire Mueller, but he can issue an order, and turn it into something real. Rob Rosenstein will have the final word. A couple of experts believe that the termination of Mueller can “trigger major backlash for the Trump administration.” Well, we can already imagine the reactions after this happens.

The creators of this article explain that the crime is yet to be proven, and the surrounding conditions have the clock ticking.

Democrats won’t remain silent. They are already raging after the rumors about Mueller’s firing. Although Democrats are still focused on the meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and the Russian lawyer Veselnitskaya, they won’t give up on their criticism for President Trump.

The firing of Comey shocked the country, and Democrats can’t get over it. They will consider the removal of Bob Mueller as a second strike. Let’s be honest, Democrats will never approve the President’s decisions, and they will always find a way to block them. But, Mueller has to go, and he will go after three months.

President Trump is doing a great job, and no Democrat will ever stop him from making America great again. His presidency is accompanied by major criticism, but President Trump is ready to proceed with his major plans.

What do you think about the removal of Bob Mueller? Do you think Democrats will try to stop it?

(h/t The Daily Caller)