Drugs Found In Ford Fusions

President Donald Trump is doing everything he can to get our conservative values back. He wants to make this country great again and to do that, he needs our help. He has been struggling recently with all of the lies that are being told about him and his administration. Every day on the liberal media we hear about what criminal activity Trump has been involved today. But they are all lies. We know that because liberals do to want to see him succeed, even if it is the best thing for our country. We are seeing why our country has such a problem right now. Drugs have been a problem for a very long time. Now they are getting out of control.

We have just come up with a huge new drug bust. There has been over 400 pounds of marijuana discovered being shipped from Mexico to Ohio. They found a suspicious package in the wheel compartment of a Ford Fusion car. This is how good they are at hiding these things and we need to be very careful. Who knows all of the times when the drugs were not found. They kept looking and eventually ran into 15 more cars with packages that resembled a spare tire. Only these were no spare tires. They were compressed packages of marijuana.

This drug bust totaled over $1 million. This is the exact kind of thing that President Trump and his administration want to put and end to. Attorney General Jeff Sessions has been doing just about everything he can to make sure these drug shipments from Mexico. And this is yet another reason to get started on this wall we have been hearing about. If we could better look at the people coming in, a drug shipment like this would have never been able to happen.

But liberals, like they so often are, are afraid of being too “racist.” That is ridiculous. They need to start caring more about their own country and less about others. President Trump will be able to fix this problem if he is left alone for once.

(h/t Fox)