First Lady Melania Looks Amazing In Jersey

First Lady Melania Trump is one of the most gorgeous women that have ever walked on this planet. She is a true fashion icon, and many women would gladly be Melania Trump for at least one day. People are still talking about the outfit she wore after landing in the United States.

Fashion gurus across the country are amazed with the idea of First Lady Melania to travel wearing something completely different. We’re used to seeing her in gorgeous dresses and coats. But, this time she wore pants! Can you believe this? Many thought that First Lady Melania will never give up on her designer dresses, but her pants are to die for!

The First Lady combined her blue pants with a long sleeve cream color top and a nice gold belt. Well, we knew that she’d wear a belt, because she always wears one.

Although it was quite rainy, First Lady Melania looked brilliant. Her outfit surprised us all, and we were more than amazed with her gorgeous outfit.  Her nude heels were definitely a hit that day.

The First Couple landed at Newark, New Jersey International Airport. President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania came back from their second transatlantic trip this week. Their official visit of Paris was one of a kind, and Americans are proud of the move President Trump made.

Democrats condemned the President for his decision to go to Paris. Visiting the ‘city of light’ didn’t seem like a good idea after President Trump pulled our country out of the Paris deal. But, our President honored the French President Emmanuel Macron and his people for the great French holiday.

First Lady Melania had a great day in Paris, as she and her husband attended the Bastille Day celebration in Paris. She wore a sleeveless white and blue floral print dress signed by Valentino, and completed it with powder blue high heels.

What do you think about the outfit First Lady Melania wore in Jersey? Do you like the Valentino dress she wore at the Bastille Day ceremony? Will Democrats find a reason to mock her again?

(h/t The Daily Caller, Los Angeles Times)