Janet Yellen To Retire?

President Donald Trump has already started his massive clean-up. Obama left the country in a complete chaos. But, President Trump took the lead, and we can already see the effect of his power. President Trump is the best president in US history, and our country will finally gain the respect it deserves.

Many people were removed with their positions after President Trump learned about their shady activities. Obama left his moles in every institution across the country. These people didn’t fit in the President’s plans, and had to go away.

Something else caught everyone’s attention, and it’s bad. The information about Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen’s retirement shocked everybody, and people have already discussed over her reasons to bring such decision.  Many observed her last appearance before the congressional committee on Wednesday, and agreed that there was a rather distinctive feel of a retirement send-off.

“Do you anticipate that this will be your last time testifying before the committee?” asked Representative Sean Duffy. “My term expires in February, and so it may well be,” responded Yellen. Was she just trying to say something else?

President Trump is determined to reshape every institution in the country, and this is the perfect time for a few major changes. The President hasn’t ruled out reappointing Janet Yellen to another term, but she won’t get another chance. Who will be the next to lead the world’s central bank?

When asked about the three potential candidates, economists agreed over the names of Kevin Warsh, John Taylor, Glenn Hubbard and Gary Cohn.

“This president is absolutely consistent in wanting his own people, and he considers these people working for him. “There is nothing in her answer to suggest she is eager to stay,” said Mark Spindel. He is co-author of the book on the Fed titled “The Myth of Independence.” It will be released in August as provided by Princeton University Press.

What do you think about this information? Do you think Yellen will retire in February? How will her career end? Do you think Democrats have their own version of this story? Who will take her position?

(h/t Bloomberg)