Jeff Sessions Asks Supreme Court For Clarification

President Donald Trump, for the past 5 months, has been trying to get a temporary travel ban passed that would make it harder for refugees and certain individuals from terror-prone countries to get into the United States. This has been heavily combated by liberals all around the country and was eventually blocked by the 9th Circuit Court. This Court has been giving President Trump problems from the beginning. Most of the judges currently sitting on the 9th Circuit are liberal Obama appointees that look for anyway to keep the Obama policies going strong. They are quickly realizing that they can not continue on this way for much longer.

Now Attorney General Jeff Sessions is going to get involved. He has come out asking the Supreme Court of the United States to specify what they mean when they say “a close family member.” So far they have not responded. This is in regards to their June 26th ruling that backed up, for the most part, President Trump’s ban.

This was a good win for the administration who had been trying to win this for a long time. It’s too bad that liberals feel the need to block everything Trump does, even if it truly is in the best interest for everyone.

The Department of Justice came out with a statement trying to explain what they needed to happen. “The district court’s interpretation of this Court’s June 26, 2017, stay ruling distorts this Court’s decision and upends the equitable balance this Court struck,” the DOJ explained.

“The district court’s categorical holding that the Order may not be applied to any refugee applicant as to whom the Department of State has obtained a contractual commitment from a resettlement agency. This includes every refugee permitted to enter the United States.”

This makes it sound like there are still many moving parts in this whole thing and we are nowhere near the end of it. Liberals will continue to fight it until they get their way. That is why it is crucial to the success of this ban for conservatives to not give up their fight for what is right.

(h/t Breitbart)