Obama Back In Washington Working On Something Big

Barack Obama has been a very busy man recently. Does it seem to anyone else that he is following President Donald Trump everywhere he goes? Obama is a man that cannot be trusted and we are quickly realizing that. When Barack Obama was in office, conservatives were treated as second class citizens. That is one of the reasons why it was such refreshing news to see Donald Trump get elected. But Obama is far from being done trying to push his liberal values down the throats of every single American.

We are starting to see that Obama and his family wants to keep in charge of this country, even though they are supposed to be minding their own business. The family has been on trip after trip, using taxpayer money to do extravagant things. They are spending massive amounts of taxpayer money to do thing that he very easily could have paid for himself. It is sad to see the Obamas refuse to move on. President Trump has been trying to work with Democrats to figure out a way to help all Americans. Obama is trying to do the opposite.

Did you know that he is getting paid about $500,000 per speech that he gives? Apparently that is not enough money to do things on his own, because he is still costing millions to Americans every week. He has been spending so much money, in fact, that Congress is now looking at how they can stop his pension as he clearly does not need it. Between the speeches and millions he is making from their book deal, he has plenty for himself.

But it has now been reported that Obama was seen attending a meeting with the DNC in order to try to come up with a way to help the Democrats win an election. It is sad to say, but Obama is the only person the liberals have. Who else is going to step up and take over? They are desperate and are looking for some liberal elites to help them take over and point them in the correct direction.

(h/t Daily Mail)